A familiar form of address in the second person singular, indiciating familiarity, possession or ownership, in the absence of the person's name.
(Synonym of 'Your' or 'Yours')
"Where's Joe's copy of PCD?"
"That pizza is Joe's"
"I'll go over to Joe's then"
by HotSurferboi23 October 26, 2006
the police in georgia area
guy 1:oh shit nigga
guy 2:wat happend nigga
guy 1:dont look but tha joes right behind us
guy 2:we gonna get book cause i got 3 pounds of that shit and my choppa in tha back
by big syd July 26, 2007
They are the sports betting public
The JOES have penciled in the Colts on Sunday as a LOCK, early ticket count is 38-1 in favor of the Colts
by Mr Falcone October 24, 2007
Jo, prettiest girl you will ever meet! She is a slag, will drop her panties for any hot boys. She sucks on anything. Extremely good at sex. Boys will use her,but she doesn't mind.
Wow look at that girl over there!

I had her last night, she is such a Jo.
by Tiffany12345678910 February 04, 2012
Probably short for Java.
hey Bob, How's about a cup a' jo?
by Tedward February 02, 2004
A term men usually shout to let other guys know there is a hot girl in the vicinity.
Used to conspicously point out chicks without their knowledge
Yo! Jo at 3 o'clock man!
by granitlegs March 19, 2010
Jerk Off. Calling someone a hand job of sorts. Often yelled from a distance where the person can't have a clear vantage poit of the person yelling.
Yo J.O.!

Hey that guy is a typical J.O.

-Who was that?
-Idk, some J.O.
by Ian Duffy December 19, 2008

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