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Jacking Off
beating your meat
Beef stroganoff
slapping the foot long

Synonyms: joeing
"i'll see you guys later, i gotta go JO.

if you don't jo you don't have a penis
by KillTheMessenger342 March 25, 2011
the police in georgia area
guy 1:oh shit nigga
guy 2:wat happend nigga
guy 1:dont look but tha joes right behind us
guy 2:we gonna get book cause i got 3 pounds of that shit and my choppa in tha back
by big syd July 26, 2007
Jo, prettiest girl you will ever meet! She is a slag, will drop her panties for any hot boys. She sucks on anything. Extremely good at sex. Boys will use her,but she doesn't mind.
Wow look at that girl over there!

I had her last night, she is such a Jo.
by Tiffany12345678910 February 04, 2012
They are the sports betting public
The JOES have penciled in the Colts on Sunday as a LOCK, early ticket count is 38-1 in favor of the Colts
by Mr Falcone October 24, 2007
Probably short for Java.
hey Bob, How's about a cup a' jo?
by Tedward February 02, 2004
A term men usually shout to let other guys know there is a hot girl in the vicinity.
Used to conspicously point out chicks without their knowledge
Yo! Jo at 3 o'clock man!
by granitlegs March 19, 2010
Jerk Off. Calling someone a hand job of sorts. Often yelled from a distance where the person can't have a clear vantage poit of the person yelling.
Yo J.O.!

Hey that guy is a typical J.O.

-Who was that?
-Idk, some J.O.
by Ian Duffy December 19, 2008