Jerk Off. Calling someone a hand job of sorts. Often yelled from a distance where the person can't have a clear vantage poit of the person yelling.
Yo J.O.!

Hey that guy is a typical J.O.

-Who was that?
-Idk, some J.O.
by Ian Duffy December 19, 2008
To jack off, masturbate.
The act of jagging off, referred to as a person for the sake of privacy.
I was too busy talking to Jo.
by kito March 10, 2004
its how we say see it originates from cotton mouth caused by smokin too much green
A jo stop talkin with the blunt
by Real Pimpin August 14, 2006
Often a code name for a young prostitute. Will do anything for 50 cents. Anything.
person 1: i'm so poor and horney at the moment!
person 2: oh i heard Jo's working tonight
person 1: Yes!!!
by =) you know who !! February 07, 2010
dc slang for yo. talking to someone in general from dc.
whats up jo! im going to the party around the corner jo. you a fake ass nigga jo.
by narc July 25, 2004
(slang mexican/puerto rican) A way to open a sentence or greet another
Jo Mang! Ju want some fah quin hub caps mang
by Cristobal October 17, 2003
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