jo (also spelled joh or joe) is Philly slang used to describe someone who is being "hype", "extra", "OD", etc... Or someone who is being a irritating as a mofo at the moment. I find it to be very difficult to grasp the essence of in words. (Refer to example for better understanding) However the word has evolved so much that it is now used to describe someone or something who is some form of whackery.

When someone is being jo they can usually be described as "drawlin'" (usually pronounced with LITTLE stress on the "l"). While denoting similar meanings these words are not exactly interchangeable. While jo can describe a person "she's jo" or their action "she's acting/being jo", drawlin' can usually only describe the person "she drawlin' man", NEVER "she's being drawlin'"

That's all folks!

<Little sister catches big brother smoking weed in basement with friends>
Bro to friends: "Pass the jawn man"
Lil sis: "Ooooh I'm telling!"
Friends to brother: "Why is your sister so jo, yo she be trippin'"
Brother: "Ya mean, she being real jo right now"

<pple watching some jawns fight outside a club>
Extra Hype Chick: "Yo that chick is about to get her ass whooped by that girl. Shiiiit I'm 'bout to watch this pop off"
Disinterested Friend: "Wow grl, you real jo for no reason. Calm your hype ass down and lets bounce"
by Ivy League Sxy November 04, 2007
Synonym for human breasts, usually a woman's. Derrived from Quebequois french.
That chick had the biggest joes ever!
by DJKham March 30, 2009
Acronym for jack off
Dude i want to "jo" so bad today.
I'm gonna "jo" all over his face when he's sleeping.

I got here JOstin time... ( Hinting at jacking off right before someone walked in )
by Jostin time November 13, 2011
short version the jordans
he was wearing the new j.o.'s
by ?. December 21, 2005
a slicker way of calling someone a jerk off
all the young kids in my neighborhood are a bunch of fucking j.o"s
by the infamous de oness September 14, 2009
a pack of cigarettes any brand
say whoa you got any joes
by lonnie bee March 11, 2008
A familiar form of address in the second person singular, indiciating familiarity, possession or ownership, in the absence of the person's name.
(Synonym of 'Your' or 'Yours')
"Where's Joe's copy of PCD?"
"That pizza is Joe's"
"I'll go over to Joe's then"
by HotSurferboi23 October 26, 2006

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