Best Party School

Beautiful Girls
70/30 Ratio Of Girls To Guys
Incredible Parties
Free Beer
Nice People
Drunk Bus
Chanello's Pizza
Forest Hills Block Parties
Thursday Nights at Highlawn
JMU Party Hot Spots

Hunters Ridge, Ashby, Sunchase, South View, Devon Lane, Stone Gate, The Commons, Forest Hills, South Main Street

The Party Scene At JMaddy Is # 1
by Zach Porter March 10, 2008
Makes Disney world look like a concentration camp. Everyone is happy and nice. Beautiful campus. Just about 2 hot girls for every boy. Located in Harrisonburg, Va.
During the campus tour at JMU they said something about their science hall being one of the largest, or was it longest, academic buildings in the country, or was it hemisphere? Idk actually, I was too busy staring at the girls.
by lioaonl August 08, 2010
the school where the only place things get hard is in bed
That's how it goes down at JMU
by January 24, 2011
New Jersey in Virginia.
Drive around JMU and look at lisence plates. 70% New Jersey.
by Lives outside JMU campus April 24, 2010
An over glorified teacher's college for stuck up bitches who think they can party. The place is full of little bitches who think they're all the smartest kids and think they can drink. They are also prone to brag about the fact that they are one of the most "elite" schools in the area and that they party harder than any other school. All the girls claim to be models and think they’re the shit, when in fact they're pretty ugg even after a few drinks. Seriously, why would anyone want to go to JMU, what the fuck is there to do in Harrisonburg?
JMU bitch: "yeah, JMU has all the hottest kids and all the best parties"
ODU kid: "how much did you have to drink last night?"
JMU bitch: "shit man, I don't even know, probably like 6 or 7 beers"
ODU kid: "wow, you're cool man"
by marmph February 19, 2010
james madison university.
also known as JM EWWW
he used to be a nice church boy, and now he goes to JMU.

ohh JM EWWW. yeahhh wtf?!
by kaitlins way October 22, 2006
JMU= Just Missed UVA
JMU Student- "Yeah I go to JMU"
UVA Student- "Just missed UVA huh"
by ahhbuddy July 13, 2006
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