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Jedi Mind Trick - aka, an attempt by a person (usually futile, but please tell us if it works) to get out of something, by attempting to use the ol' 'jedi mind trick' on a weak-minded opponent.
Random Girl: Where's the stapler?
Me: You don't need to see our stapler.
<Holds up stapler> "This isn't the stapler you're looking for.
You may go about your business.
<Girl walks away, confused. Geeky friends laugh.>
by LordHatrus May 05, 2004
Noun: Jamaican Mean Time. A timescale that shifts everything back by up to two and a half hours.
A true story follows.
White, British people looking at their invitations: "I've been here over an hour. Are you sure we've got the right church?"
Pastor, of Caribbean origin: "What you folks doin' here? Bride ain't even be in her dress yet."
White, British people looking at their invitations: "But it says two o'clock."
Pastor, of Caribbean origin: "Chill it my friends. We run tings on JMT. Soon come, soon come."
by McCririck's unlucky Laundress September 19, 2005
Just my type.
Chuck said Brad was a double JMT!
by fraterg May 11, 2003
Acronym used for rapper "Jedi Mind Tricks." I personally use this when I'm at school. (If you say the full name, kids will think you are a geeky Star Wars fag.)
ME: Yo, JMT is pretty damn cool.
HIM: Really? I'll check him out, thanks man.


ME: Jedi Mind Tricks Rules!!!
HIM: You're a fag...
by Ryan Nash August 06, 2007
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