Jennifer Lopez is a 37 year old celebrity who kept trying to get married in the past few years, Some have called her "Jho" because she has been with so many men, but frankly her clock is ticking and she wants to have babies before it's too late.

Now she has finally found her pair Marc Anythony who is the same race as her which is Puerto Rican, and she was seen on t.v saying that it's better that she's with someone who is the same backround as her because you have more in common that way, etc. and is happier than she has ever been.

Anywho, JLO's career is starting to go down the crapper because people are starting to realize that she is just a gimmick, she can't sing worth a damn (her latest album is a mojor flop), her acting is barely average, her clothing line is cheap and tacky, her perfumes stink, literally... basically the only thing she's good at is dancing.
I think she should have stuck with puffy because then she'd still be somebody, dumping him was the worst move she ever made
by dainty April 13, 2005
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A woman who constantly switches her boyfriends to see which ethnicities she likes the best; a woman who loves getting married so much she does it over and over again with different men; a woman who is famous for her ass and not her singing or acting
"Yo son that bytch can't sing but she got a phatty like JLo"..."Damn homie that hoez had more men than JLo.. o wait she almost does"..."Holup, that hoes been with a black guy, spanish guy, mexican, white, hindu, arabian...damn she a JLo"
by DiZzY DeViL dUcKy January 09, 2004
1) nickname for entertainer Jennifer Lopez;
2) a big, beautiful bodonkadonk booty that you wanna grab 6 handfuls of!
Damn! Check out tha j lo on that byotch!
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
A woman with a fat ass.
That is one JLo on your girlfriend!
by Si July 13, 2004
big ol' butt
Jennifer Lopez
by john batey January 30, 2003
A heinous mutant with an elephant's ass and an intellect of a door knob. A diva in american pop culture i.e. a paragon of abysmal taste and grotesque cacophony. Exposure and rise to success is a result of diligent fellation.
Is that a cello?
No, it's J.Lo.
by russianbear54 September 12, 2006
The moniker for celebrity singer/actress Jennifer Lopez.

Became popular when Lopez releashed her music album "J-LO" in July 24, 2001 and opened her own product line named JLO.

The online shop very humbly describes j-lo as " one of the most talented, well known entertainers in the world today."
(which is larger, the head or the...)
You listening to JLO?
by letsprocrastinate December 16, 2004
a stupid stuckup slut star overpaid by hollywood
by get her out of the spotlight August 02, 2003
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