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Its a short term used for Just Like That.
It is a short term used for chatting and in local language just like "asap" is used for "as soon as possible"
by John Anderton January 12, 2005
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A training program in the Boy Scouts of America or BSA. Individual troops may hold their own training session or many councils offer a week-long session. It has been replaced by the National Youth Leadership Training or NYLT.
Are you going to JLT to be training for your troop position?
by THE Boy Scout April 22, 2006
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A fine individual born in PA. Has a figgity fine girlfriend, CNR and he loves her to death. He attends the University of Tennessee and is basically one of the best looking gentleman on the planet. He has performed the angry dragon on CNR.
I wish I was as good as JLT.
by Skrittles February 13, 2006
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Stands for 'Just Little Things' based on the website '', describing the small things in life that make people smile (e.g. a baby smiling, the first sip from a can of soda, beating your high score, etc.)

1) Noun. A relatively insignificant event in life that people can't help smiling about

2) Verb. When someone does something/executes a plan to cause a relatively insignificant event that people can't help smiling about to happen. A small gesture that makes someones smile.

A: I would've been late for my meeting if a total stranger hadn't held the lift for me!
B: No way! That's such a JLT :)

A: My daughter took her first step today!
B: Awww what a JLT!

A: What did you end up doing for Becky's birthday?
B: We handmade a scrapbook and a mixtape with her favourite old songs.
A: How sweeet! :) you totally JLT'd her.

B: Jess I'm so stressed with this wedding!
A: Chill out, I found the PERFECT dress for the big day :) you just got JLT'd!
B: Aww Jess you shouldn't have!
by QTπ94 April 01, 2013
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