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lofsac: verb, adj., acronym.
Lying On Floor Staring At Ceiling.

Those moments you're listening to a certain type of song that causes you to completely lose yourself in the moment/in the song, & makes you want to just get on the floor, stare at the ceiling and lie there, blasting the song on some speakers.

People can have playlists full of lofsac songs & can spend days just lofsac-ing.

Alternative term (for outdoors-y people): lofsas - Lying On Floor Staring At Sky/Stars
"Duuude, that song is sooo lofsac."

"Did you get lots of work done yesterday?"
"Nah man, just lofsac-ed all day."

"I'm feeling so crap, I don't wanna do anything..."
"Come over and we can get lofsac-ing"
by QTπ94 June 01, 2014
Stands for 'Just Little Things' based on the website 'justlittlethings.net', describing the small things in life that make people smile (e.g. a baby smiling, the first sip from a can of soda, beating your high score, etc.)

1) Noun. A relatively insignificant event in life that people can't help smiling about

2) Verb. When someone does something/executes a plan to cause a relatively insignificant event that people can't help smiling about to happen. A small gesture that makes someones smile.

A: I would've been late for my meeting if a total stranger hadn't held the lift for me!
B: No way! That's such a JLT :)

A: My daughter took her first step today!
B: Awww what a JLT!

A: What did you end up doing for Becky's birthday?
B: We handmade a scrapbook and a mixtape with her favourite old songs.
A: How sweeet! :) you totally JLT'd her.

B: Jess I'm so stressed with this wedding!
A: Chill out, I found the PERFECT dress for the big day :) you just got JLT'd!
B: Aww Jess you shouldn't have!
by QTπ94 April 01, 2013
A term used to describe a guy/girl who you're going out with/fucking just to get over someone else you can't get.

Red herrings were often used to mislead hound dogs; the expression refers to something that is misleading.

Therefore - you try to convince yourself that you like someone (to mislead you/lead you away from the person you actually like), and call him/her your 'red herring'.
A: I'm so in love with him but he's dating someone :(
B: I'm so sorry :( what are you going to do?
A: I think I might go for Tony.
B: Tony? Why! Do you even like him?!
A: Nah, but he'll just be my red herring.
by QTπ94 April 05, 2012

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