Like JK (just kiding) its JKA which is just kidding asshole
HEY I kissed your BF

What !!!!!
by jkinz7 November 28, 2011
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Jedi Academy. Comes after Jedi Outcast.

Single Player: Some missions are alright, some are fun. Rosh was annoying though.

Multiplayer: Hmmm, where to start. You have some nice clans, follow rules, basically about having a good time. You have some RP servers....not many people like RPing, and the ones who RP....well I've never really gone on an RP server, so I wouldn't know what to say.

Force is forbidden on some servers, as are guns due to people spamming it. AND YES, as in any game you have your share of douchebags, but as long as you avoid them, you're fine.
Hell, all the people who complain about JKA multiplayer, go play on a legit server. Just 'cause you had a crappy experience and didn't try out a nice, legit server, doesn't mean the game sucks. Don't go on just ONE server, have a bad time, and denounce the game, try another server before trashing a good game's name.
by Reborntheglassbatch2 July 26, 2008
A online action game which takes place after Jedi Outcast. At first it was an extremely cool online game where there were no lamers, gripwhores, and of course RPG servers. But then homos came up such as Dante Kardo, Bing, Merak, Kyp, Colt, and many other sacks of shit. The game is now infested with noobs and noob servers with noob admins with noob rpg servers. One given to example is The RPG Zone, which is controlled by Euros whom think their shit dont stink. I as an former member liked the begging until bitchy folks such as DarkWarrior, Palin, and Katy came along and fucked up the entire system. Now the admins God mode and ban at least 4 members a week. This is a disgrace to the real point of the game. Play a good game like CoCCoD or some other action game where the people don't bitch and moan whenever you connect to a server.
Nerd/Newbie:Hey I wanna play JKA and learn how to do RPGS

*Nerd starts up game and connects to the RPG Zone(

Nerd:Hmm can I be a Jedi?

Dante(Admin):No *Kick*
by John Bonham May 12, 2007
JKA - Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Meh. Single player sucked, Rosh ruined it. Onto MP:

Don't even attempt. First, you have the RPG Servers. One word: Gay. Without ForceMod, an RPG modification, RPGs will suck balls even harder than without it. Typically an RPG server is made up of about 5 admins, 3 noobs, and 5 semi experienced players hosted from some kid's mom's house in Kansas, so it's most likely a lagfest. You have people shouting out shit randomly, people attacking you and when you retaliate, "LAMMER LOL /instaban!" I will demonstrate the typical time spent on an RPG server:

SDF: Hey guys!
Admin: Fuck you kid, you're a dick.
Person: hy can u are pee with me i want ot cayber cex pleaz
SDF: No.
Person: plz.
SDF: No.
Person: plz..!!!!!!
Admin: lohl its r p server my mom said so , sex or gtfo.
SDF: *Admins and Noobs all attack SDF at once. SDF retaliates and beats them all. He is immediately overwhelmed with claims of hacks and lames. Next? Instaban.

The other main server that will piss you off are the JA+ ones.

Let's take the server Dread for example. Typically you won't even be able to get on the server it's so full, and if you manage to get in you regret it. There are genuine jackasses there that will do anything in their power to make you "raged." These attempts, obviously, fail miserably. Other times, you'll find a few new players there being ridiculed by the "pros" for starting out. Let me once again demonstrate.

-After 1 hour of trying to get into Dread, you finally make it!-
SDF: Hey!
=/JµNDøN/=: Elitist Union.
=/JµNDøN/=: EZ. Pro'd 100-0
ÇrâçkëR: lawl junden is my gawd.
=/JµNDøN/=: New GK Technology.
After being beaten through "GK," or Grip-Kick, I bid JuNDoN a good game.
SDF: GG Jundon, man you're good.
SDF: Raged?
=/JµNDøN/=: AHAHH it's so obvious.
Penismaster23432: lo0l raged SDF.
SDF: Could someone please explain what rag--
penismaster20934234: JSOSODF

Another situation.

DreadxSouly: LoL SDF, you're no match for me kid.
DreadxSouly: FAIL.
SDF: Damn, you beat me.
DreadxSouly: Damn right kid.
DreadxSouly: Sit.
SDF: Yes master.
DreadxSouly: Good pet.
DreadxSouly: OO, admin. Bye SDF.
SDF was banned from Dread.

That just about sums it up. Don't play JK:SP unless you love games with cheesy storylines and (not-so)happy endings. Don't play JK:MP unless you want to be banned by trigger happy admins, or being ridiculed for being a "rager" or a crybaby and told to sit all the time. Especially stay away from the Euro servers. Don't worry, if you're American/Canadian/Etc and you get made fun of from a Euro, they're just jealous of you. =]
See above. I thought I would save people the trouble of reading in italics. Remember, JKA stinks.
by TotallyRaged April 10, 2008
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