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Rising to infamy across much of the net in late 2006, JJAB91 made known his name and left behind a legacy of trolling, thought out and often laughed at apologies, and a poorly taken web cam photo of himself doused in chocolate syrup and holding a white sheet of paper bearing the words, "I LIKE THE MAN MEAT."

He often considers himself a great man, one whom is aware of everything and is very knowledgeable, it is not uncommon, however, for him to leave those he encounters wondering "who the hell is this guy."

He may appear arrogant, stubborn, homosexual, mildly to severely retarded and occasionally transsexual. But beneath his chocolate covered exterior lies a potentially good heart.
Tim - "Dude, just owned JJAB91 in MW2. Probably gonna go bitch some more about is lack of ass-kickery."
by Iahm Sechsi February 18, 2010
221 18
An semi amazing person named John; who sometimes trolls online but really means well when it comes to people in real life. He has a dog named daisy who enjoys to bark a lot.
He is totally a JJAB91!
by anonymous asparagus pants June 18, 2011
9 10