the love connection between two special tall people...who attend a private school and "hang out" in a locker nook
one person: whoah, whos in the locker nook?
other person: its a JFK!!!
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
overrated because he was shot was a racist often broght hookers to the white house S.S. did not react because they hated him and wanted him to die to lots of narcodics made deals with the mob i still dont understand why he is liked also a racist if you did not know all of this is true look it up
- \"hey whos that over rated corrupt president\"
- \"i belive you mean JFK\"
- \"yes thats who i meant\"
by killanater April 26, 2005
The late, great, John fucking Kennedy
Jfk was the greatest president ever
by Gingerhugo11 August 18, 2015

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