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A moron that try's to act like a another moron. Kids that have to act rich and big on internet forums to get attention and please there big ego's.

100% fake, but 100% gays.
JFK and black gerbil are batty boys that toss each other off. The sole reason why people are angry in the misc section of HUKD's. Example... black gerbil humps and the JFK (KFC) enjoys the ride.
by Admin of hotukdeals March 13, 2009
A sex position where by you splatter all over her in the car while she screams and tries to get out
The jfk

A: what you in here for?
B: I got caught jfk-ing a local high school slut in a layby.
A: damn nigga, that shit is Cray cray.
by TCgossip February 29, 2016
when a girl is giving you a blow job and bust a nut so large that it almost blows the back of her head off.
dude, this chick was giving me head and I gave her the JFK!
by DJ BRAVO December 09, 2011
A blowjob from a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader SO GOOD, you head explodes leaving brain matter all over Dealey Plaza
my head went back...and to the left. Back...and to the left.
by JD Lucas June 18, 2003
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