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a brilliant term coined in the Doe-Simkins kitchen to describe the Alex Bianchi...
Yeah, you're definitely a little ghetto and a little West Side Story.. infact I'd say that your JETto... It's the classy hood
by The Deegans November 25, 2011
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when somthing is soooo freakin ghetto ... it is Jetto
oh my god .. this town is soooo freakin JETTOOOOOO
by mishelley February 27, 2008
people who try to be ghetto, but cant pull it off
alanna thinks she is jetto and chelsea is cool.
by anna banna bo banna February 03, 2004
people that are wannabe ghetto. and act like they are from the hood.
the prince of persia is trying to be ghetto but all he getting is jetto.
by anne February 01, 2004
wannabe jetto.....aka AMIR!'s the king of jetto himself.
by Alanna B. February 03, 2004
a wanna-be black person that goes to a preppy school and is not black or even near the ghetto; and when they TRY to be Ghetto they look stupid hence, JETTO
god !! those 3 people are so JETTO !!!
by bob the construction worker February 03, 2004

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