to spend thousands of dollars on your shitty stock car to make it look like another shitty car from .
Mondo: hey Sal I just bought these tailights for 300 dollars! Pretty cool huh!?

Sal: um whats so special?

Mondo: jdm bro!! theyre from Japan!

Sal: thats cool they look exactly the same as the ones you have on now and since you didnt get any pussy before I think thats gonna stay the same.
by hungdaddy91 February 21, 2012
One of the most overused words by Ricers. If its JDM it must be automatically better. Some of the stuff in Japan may be better but it has turned into a buzzword.
RICER: OMGZZ!!! I have these new tyte JDM headlights yo! They make my car so much better!
Domestic: That's nice, I have stock headlights and spent that money on my engine.
RICER: Dood! You bought a JDM engine???
Domestic: Stupid ricer
by Grim October 14, 2005
JDM: a clean look, a lifestyle, preferably(meaning not only) RHD. No huge spoilers and riced out tail lights. And give me a brake with the fart Cannons ???
200sx, 240sx, hatchbacks, AE86, true type-R, tegs, civics, Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)
by JDMasFck July 05, 2010
Japanese domestic product, often associated with tricked out japanese cars.
Neat-o headlights Ichiro they look like J.D.M headlights from an accord.
by Bigdickylewis November 03, 2003
Stands for Just Do Me.

(Verb): To engage in the act of sexual intercourse

-Can be used to engage in a conversation through text

-Mostly used in transition from an awkward conversation or be used as an icebreaker

(Adjective): Can be abbreviated and used to describe how one would like to be Do'd.

- JDML (Just Do Me Like), another derivative of JDM. One says this and attaches a picture showing the person how you would like to be Do'd
Girl: ok on the way
Me: But if you do me, make sure to JDML (sends picture of a monkey)

Girl: I mean I can tryyyy
Me: I sware

Me: I'm so bored
*Friend texting back 2 hours later*
Friend: JDM
Me: come on

Me: Bro I just failed my exam my parents are gonna kill me!
Friend: JDM
by Poochkie2Poochkie January 24, 2014
a term that describes STOCK honda automobiles, that are manufactured for consumers in Japan.

Ricers in the united states believe that by having these stock parts on their cars it makes them so much better, when the money could be better spent on other aspects of modifying ones automobile. Super ricers claim that aftermarket parts manufactured in japan are considered JDM, but that is nonsence because they are MARKETED to united states consumers.
"you see that RHD civic over there? I wonder if its JDM or a USDM car that has been converted"
by slammin211s July 10, 2006
A style chosen by 'some' narrow minded people who can not except other routes that other people have taken their e.g. honda civic, also some are found to turn their nose's up at the slightest hint of anything from the non-Japanese Domestic Market.

Because of some narrow minds, some JDm'r's are unable to tell the difference between good 'rice' and bad 'rice', thus leaving them to tar all the rice with the same brush. tut tut

The emphisis of JDM is 'function over fashion' using standard parts only found on vehicles in Japan (not imports y0!).
Good rice can be found to be 'function and fashion' and can also be mixed with parts from the Japanese Domestic Market.
Even JDM can be badly done y0!
by The Good Ricer September 14, 2005
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