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Abbreviation for Jack Booted Thug, in reference to nazi storm troopers or ATF agents, an overbearing government law enforcement official
The damned JBT stomped on my kitten after shooting my dog, my wife and torching my house.
by MitchD December 06, 2005
just being truthful

used after a statement in replacement of "no offense"
can also be used in replacement of "tbh"
Kenny: Your hair looks bad jbt.

Devin: Jbt, you make my day.

jbt no offense tbh
by dark skittles January 13, 2015
cute little green stuffed spider.
spotted at different locations of the world.
often seen at Supernatural Conventions.
A: "have you seen the latest picture of JBtS?"
B: "Yeah he sat on Misha Collins shoulder. That was awesome!"
by JBtS caretaker December 03, 2010
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