The name says it all, pop music...from the Japanese.

Really, it's not any better than American pop. It gets just as overplayed, it's just as overplayed, etc.

I wouldn't pay attention to all of these kids screaming AMERICA SUXXX JAP SUPERIOR BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ANIME ANIME ANIME
J-pop must be used in a sentence
by Ever-allthenamesaretaken November 15, 2007
Pop music from Japan, many cute Japanese girls are Jpop 'idols'.
Most kids who listen to Jpop are the same kids who get excited when they see a Japanese person, or use the word "Hai!!! or "Arigato!" and use Japanese names as screen names.
Some Jpop is pretty good.. you should check out Mika Nakishima.
by Stitches October 04, 2004
Short for Japanese Popular Music
I recently switch on to a Japanese Digital T.V. station where they were showing J-pop videos.
by bigg3469 October 04, 2011
Japanese Pop. Usually a mix between the gerne of Rock, Pop and Techno. It is found to be MUCH better then the American pop. Music and lyrics is mostlty very good, though I gotta admit, some singers suck.
Ayumi Hamasaki is the britney Spear of J-Pop!
by nnguyen11490 October 18, 2003
Type of music that dumb Wapanese kids listen to. They like to sing along, horribly mispronouncing Japanese words and looking like a total r-tard.
Look at that r-tard pretending to be Asian, Jimmy. She thinks she's uber-cool because she listens to jpop and eats Pocky like a pimple-faced dork.
by EmoticonSmileyFace January 23, 2007
Kind of japanese music that asians and NON ASIANS like because theyre otakus. J pop is really catchy and has meaningful lyrics like a poem. The famous J pop artists are ayumi hamasaki, utada hikaru, Namie Amuro, ect. Non Asians would be like " This is sooooooo better than dumb american music. Japan is soooooo awesome! OMG I love anime and japanese music! Why do non asians listen to J pop if theyre not even asian or japanese? Because theyre obcessed otakus. Americans or non asians can still appreciate japanese music but dont be overly obcessed about it and compare the artists to each other like " Ayumi is so better than Utada! To japanese people, they wont be even competition with each other and enjoy them both.
" J-Pop is soo much better than american music" I hear people say that quite alot...
by DreamXFantasy March 22, 2009
Japanese pop music. One of it's primary icons is Ayumi Hamasaki, who could be considered the Britney Spears of J-Pop.
J-pop has more vocals than J-rock. Good for them.
by scientificprogessgoesboink August 09, 2003

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