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the action of smoking marijuana
Lets go J-mill today.
by mike hawk 69 69 69 February 03, 2010

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Loyal, Generous, Eccentric, Handsome individual (s), who is/are without a doubt the very best person to have. Jmill(s) is/are Intelligent, Subtle, Strong, Rock-like Men. They are the best Friends and very best Lovers.
As long as I have Jmill, everything will be fine.

Damn that Jmill's FIIINE
by Rocka5000 November 05, 2010
Can be used as:

1. Marijuana in general.

2. The act of smoking marijuana.
1. Hey bro, did you get the J-Mill?

2. Man we J-Milled a little bit too much this week.
by Luvs to spl00ge February 09, 2010