when someone rolls a joint then goes on a walk while smoking it... sometimes on a j walking course (i.e the woods or a lightly populated area)
yo lets prep then go j walking
by haggardrobhaggard August 26, 2005
Top Definition
Act of some illegal idiot attempting to cross the street where there is on-coming traffic and no crosswalk.
'There is no crosswalk here! Stop J-Walking! I will hit you!'

'Let me hit this J-walker man, it will be an improvement to the Gene-pool.'
by Anonymous 11111112929292894985 October 23, 2008
The act of having sex without a condom
"Dude did you remember to wear a condom?"
"Nah, I totally went J-Walking last night"
by Armando Badger January 05, 2013
to walk on any street with a lit joint to smoke
I was j walking and this cop smelt my dank. So i ran across the street withough looking.
by AB-bomb August 31, 2006
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