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Jørgen is a typical male Scandinavian name.
A person named Jørgen is often found driving a really nice car, with a good looking girl in the shotgun seat.

Everyone who sees a typical jørgen instantly thinks "Man, that guy is living the dream..." or "Damn, I wish I could be more of a Jørgen!"

The perfect definition of a Jørgen is "Pure awesome".

The "blessing of names" states that any boy given the name Jørgen will have improved physics and mental insight. An example of this is rock hard muscles, improved skeleton frame, and a brain that can outsmart anyone at any given challenge.
A Jørgen has never broken any bones in his body.

The born leader type, that is what a Jørgen is.

In video games, a Jørgen will always end up #1, and outrank other opponents; FPS, MMORPG - It doesn't matter, Jørgen will make any other persons' skills look ridiculous in comparison!

"First god made Jørgen's, then the rest..."

A Jørgen makes girls wet, and guys jealous.
by NameDefinator October 09, 2011
Adjective Usage
A person whom is influenced by his name which leads him to depression and the love for tomatoes. Jorgens' are people who need desperate attention and tomatoes.
Jorgens' also like stuffing tomatoes in they're face and are highly psychotic when they're tomatoes are taken away from them.
The plural form of Jorgen is Jorgens'.
Verb Usage
Rapidly eaten(ing).
Past tense - Jorgen'd

Present Continuous tense- Jorgen'ing
Adjective -

Someone get that JORGEN out of the tomato patch or we'll lose everything!
Why did you steal that JORGEN's tomato? Now we're dead!
Verb -

Just look at that guy JORGEN'ing our tomato patch! Everything will be gone in no time!
Nooo! Our tomato patch has been JORGEN'd
Jorgen jorgen'd on jorgen jorgen'ing on a tomatoes.
by Joe Armadyl September 09, 2014
a person who loves to harvest tomatoes and once in a h=while gives a carton of free tomatoes away to a good friend
friend1 hey jorgen let me get some tomatoes
jorgen: maybe next time bud
friend 2: hey can i have some?
jorgen: yes
by wallaceABC123 January 17, 2009
Jørgen is similar to the words gay and homo.
Jørgen is used to insult gay people, like:

Wow, he really is Jørgen!

I know it was Jørgen, even before he came out of the closet.
by Frankensteinz January 17, 2011
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