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1 definition by NameDefinator

Jørgen is a typical male Scandinavian name.
A person named Jørgen is often found driving a really nice car, with a good looking girl in the shotgun seat.

Everyone who sees a typical jørgen instantly thinks "Man, that guy is living the dream..." or "Damn, I wish I could be more of a Jørgen!"

The perfect definition of a Jørgen is "Pure awesome".

The "blessing of names" states that any boy given the name Jørgen will have improved physics and mental insight. An example of this is rock hard muscles, improved skeleton frame, and a brain that can outsmart anyone at any given challenge.
A Jørgen has never broken any bones in his body.

The born leader type, that is what a Jørgen is.

In video games, a Jørgen will always end up #1, and outrank other opponents; FPS, MMORPG - It doesn't matter, Jørgen will make any other persons' skills look ridiculous in comparison!

"First god made Jørgen's, then the rest..."

A Jørgen makes girls wet, and guys jealous.
by NameDefinator October 09, 2011