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(Prison/Jail Term) Any person who is mentally unstable or requires psyche drugs to maintain.
That fool over there talking to himself, walking like a chicken is a J Cat.
by Wood Dawger October 02, 2005
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Otherwise known as "Category J" in the California Penal Code, it refers to an inmate deemed too mentally unstable to remain in General Population.
"Motherfucker went J Cat on someone in the yard; now he's in ADSEG."
by J. Knox April 22, 2008
California Prison slang for a mentally Ill person. Shortened from Catagory "J" (Meaning Mental Patient/Inmate) to Jcat.
That guy down the tier talking to himself is a jcat!
by CJ Smith May 16, 2006
An individual who is looped up on psychiatric medications.
That girl's a j cat.
by Doug March 28, 2005
A psychotic breakdown.
anymore of this and im going to go j-cat.
by homerower April 13, 2006
a person who doesn't know how to act in jail (when in jail)
These new bitches in are tank are straight j-cats.
That fool keeps cattin off.
by Maguire Corrections October 11, 2010
The fans of union j (a british boygroup) are called jcats. People who say ''You're fan and I'm a jcat'' are actually wrong because a fan and jcat are the same,but jcat sounds just really cringey and cheesy. You're are not better than other people when you call yourself a jcat. So for the cheesy carrots out there who are thirsty for retweets A FAN AND A JCAT ARE THE SAME but the fandom is really lovely not that big so many people know eachother there is ofcourse sometimes stupid drama but we get through it everytime TOGETHER WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER BLABLA we're bad bitches yo yo yo choo choo luff u all we got that british swag.

Girl : Rt if you're a jcat and not a fan
Girl : do you need some water?
by imanotafanimajcatyolo December 15, 2012

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