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The best girl in the whole world. She understands you completely, knows your every move, and is there for you when you fall. She's the type of person who will stay your friend forever and she's unique in her own way. She'll believe in what she wants, but she'll support your decisions too. You'll never stop laughing when you're with Ivonne, the Spanish chica <3
That girl over there is Ivonne, my best friend.
#ivonne #spanish #unique #friend #world
by your.*average.*girl.* December 10, 2010
That girl you glance at when she's not looking. She's beautiful, interesting, hilarious, and will actually talk to you, even though you're a loser. She kinda has a dirty mind, but that's something you're into. But she'll destroy your heart, beat it into tiny pieces, crush it into dust, mix it with kool-aid, feed it to her dog and let it relieve itself on your lawn. She'll go out with a complete jerk and make you watch on the sidelines. But she's too nice to hurt you on purpose. But she doesn't care enough to care if you're hurt because of her.
Unfortunate dude: So I'm going out with Ivonne this weekend!

Guy who knows: HAHAHA, you are so gonna regret it, LAWL.
#ivonne #beautifu #l temptress #heartbreaker #unrequited love
by HavinABadDay October 18, 2011
A sexy Puerto Rican agent who works for the United States Federal Government.
Ivonne takes peoples' money while powdering her nose.
#big booty #good cook #crazy #ghetto talker #shiny hair
by iambobafett November 17, 2006
A sexy Puerto Rican agent who works for the United States Federal government.
Ivonne takes peoples' money from them while powdering her nose.
#big booty #spick #rare #ghetto talker #sleepy #noisy
by iambobafett November 17, 2006

Someone who prowls or sneaks about; usually with unlawful intentions.
Girl 1: I'm really observative.
Girl 2: Sweetie, that's called being Ivonne.
#stalker #observatory #peeping #prowler #pursuer #shadow #tracker #follower
by 2991 December 03, 2009
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