A great guy, who will make you laugh.

He has an amazing smile, that is, when he does smile.

Once you get to know him, it is pretty hard not to like him.

Lastly, he loves to have fun.
Hey, who that party animal?

Oh, thats Ivan.
by blah123454321 July 02, 2011
Anyone of russian descent. German equivalent to "kraut" for the russians during WWII.
If the russian winter doesn't get him, Ivan sure will.
by Valentin Treskizinski March 23, 2006
He is the most handomest boy around.
There isn't a point to living, if Ivan isn't in your life.
Ivan is:
.An excellent Basketball player.
.Knows how to treat a lady.
.Great in bed.
.very..very Sexy.
What more can i say?
I Love Ivan.
Ivan: "Hey girl, you make me wanna break my bank."
by Peice.Of.Candy August 03, 2011
He's Bruce Lee's long lost son, Chuck Norris is normally under his command, He is who bring balance to the force, and the one who holds the universe in his hands. He is the Chose One.
Ivan is The Chosen One
by guanatanmera33 February 07, 2012
Ivan~ Synonym for Sexy.

Typical Russian~ A person who is born in the vast and great country of Russia. Known for being theives, drunks and soccer hooligans. Bar-fights are a national sport. Second place is the who-can-drink-more vodka-before-passsing-out competition.

usually a jerk but can be the sweetest guy around

body compost of 75% vodka

has an odd obsession with Ak-47, mafia, and techno

-says "blyat" before starting every sentance
-ends sentances with "nahuy"
-parents stay up in the kitchen with their friends drinking...later than youll stay up in your whole life.
-eat;kapusta,kapchonka,perog s makam, borsh, salad olivye, and ookrayeenskiy tort.
-get kicked out of the jcc
-dont go to temple anymore
-see a friend at a store like....marshalls.....t.j.maxx....or cohoes.
-purposly look for clothes or marks on stuff that they can fix when they come home and still get a discount for
-buy something, replace it, and use the old tag from the old thing
-go to gayass new years celebrations at some russian restaraunt or apartment party house with an old russian guy singing balalyka.
-bad accoustic guitar music that all sounds the same.

also the sonova bich can party ALL night and still get A on math sci physucks etc
I hate Ivan.....*jealous*
by deleat if gay February 16, 2009
A God fearing man of GOD called for the purpose of preaching and teaching. He is a very caring individual with a huge heart for helping others. His ministry is one of mentoring youth and singing. He has an annointed voice and loves to sing all day everyday.

Ivan is fun to be around and will keep you engaged in laughter for hours at a time.
1. Minister Ivan brought a powerful message of hope today at church.

2. That Ivan keeps me laughing all the time!
by Blessed Man February 07, 2010
Another name for Jesus. Comes from the Swahili word "Ivan", meaning Jesus.
I bought me a crucifix necklace with an Ivan on it.
by A.D. Hayes January 28, 2005

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