A hot guy, Alex arnot's brother. For more information see Alex Arnot
1. Wow, you are so good looking you must be Ivan, also known as Alex's brother
by Kerplunker45 August 15, 2004
German, Hungarian, Russian, Hispanic male who hates black females....
Ivan hates black females because he can't handle the pressure. Oh God! Another one of those!!!! lolz
by Princess Black March 06, 2005
A bashful man monkey who has difficulty picking up women and regurgitates on himself.When it comes to ladies he is like the blind squirrel that doesn't get many acorns.
Dude, you totally pulled an Ivan with that chick tonight, go change your shirt.
by earthly February 03, 2010
Normaly illiterate, ugly and can't cook for shit.

Normaly identified by being over 6ft, with short hair and big ears.
by salmonmann September 08, 2010
A little fat kid...might look hot when hes older...but not likely
Girl: Whos that fat kid?
boy: thats ivan..he likes big macs
by Lolrawr123 June 05, 2009
like a hurrican; home wrecker; husband stealer; gavin lover~maybe; rocket
Her affair with josh ruined his marriage.
by BITCH February 18, 2005
a boy who seasonally has long hair and doesnt like asian girls
"That's what I hate..people like Ivan."
by Ivanna January 27, 2005
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