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A bashful man monkey who has difficulty picking up women and regurgitates on himself.When it comes to ladies he is like the blind squirrel that doesn't get many acorns.
Dude, you totally pulled an Ivan with that chick tonight, go change your shirt.
by earthly February 03, 2010
like a hurrican; home wrecker; husband stealer; gavin lover~maybe; rocket
Her affair with josh ruined his marriage.
by BITCH February 18, 2005
a boy who seasonally has long hair and doesnt like asian girls
"That's what I hate..people like Ivan."
by Ivanna January 27, 2005
I am # 1
second is not a winner
and third noone remembers,

too bad ivan's second,

o my god ivan, you lost a ping pong game against sam,
you suck.
by sam,, November 16, 2005
a complete queer or faggot

may be a Puerto Rican looking Mexican.
Never talk to that Ivan Perez!
by Ashley902583475 August 23, 2009
the "creepy" fagtard that works at GameStop. Known for subtle threats to young boys' virginity while offering car rides home and playing the part of a mentor. Young men beware! Ivan is out there... and he is looking for YOU.
"Dude... did he just offer you a ride home? Watch out he doesn't try to Ivan you!"
by MamboMan April 07, 2005