another name for Rocky (Sylvester Stalone).
"In this corner Rocky, The Italian Stallion!"
"And in this corner MRRRRRRR. T!"
by KillaKan August 22, 2005
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A well-endowed, sexually talented male of Italian descent. Contrast with Irish Curse
The girls call Tony the Italian Stallion and it's not because he runs fast.
by Joe June 28, 2003
An extremely good looking Italian who knows every pleaure position in the book of sex.
That guy over there is so "Italain Stallion." Im going to ask him to bone my loose cunt all night and exchange bodily fluids.
by For Shizzle April 03, 2003
An Italian man who has a penis that is on-par with the size of a horse's.
Damn, that Italian dude is hung like a horse. -Yeah I know, they call him Italian Stallion.
by hazzard October 25, 2004
a sexy italian who is confident and proud of himdself.they know that they are hot.they act cool and they can be conceited.
italian stallions are most high school guys that are italian.

There is an italian stallion at my school.I think he's hot. And he knows it too!
by broken heart girl September 04, 2006
Alessandro Cortini... Enough said. He is the epitome of an Italian Stallion, and also the keyboardist of Nine Inch Nails... Front man of Modwheelmood. Sexy beast.
The fact that 99.9% of the human population misspell his name just adds to the simple truth that Alessandro is an Italian Stallion.
by Trouble!!1one!1! June 02, 2006
A motha fuckin' beastly penis. If this term is used towards an individual, it is in the utmost respectful matter or in a very very derogatory sense. This gargantuan pecker is said to be a monster cock of at least 18 inches when limp! Truly, there is no need to be insecure for the said individual. It is a gift, really. The recipient is very well-endowed.
Guido came into class on exam day and whipped out his Italian Stallion. He then proceeded to slap the hell outta us with his 18 inch monster cock in the face until our noses bled and we had red welts all over. It was sick. He then forcefully shoved his staff of doom down all of our throats until we choked and died. It was unbearable.
by Quint5 November 26, 2005

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