Italian stallion does not refer to sylvester stallone because he is gross and oily. He may have been in a low budget soft core porno with his grody hairy chest, but the term Italian Stallion preceded the mumbling mindless miscreants showbiz career and loose namesake by at least 5-10 minutes and was actually referring to a fellow by the name of guido lasannuitto who was in the midst of a midlife crisis resulting in a botched hair transplant procedure...he went for the bargain plugs!!
that Italian Stallion was driving a new sports car because his divorce was turning nasty, but porno was sadly out of the question due to that sagging stomach.
by 999meangirlz999 September 27, 2014
Any Italian desent, girl or boy, that's hot
Damn! That girl/guy is hot!

I know, s/he's Italian too.

That's one Italian Stallion!
by Italian Woman September 11, 2006
Christopher (Chris) A. Men's Ensemble... enough said
Deeeeeenngg i think that's Italian Stallion coming over here!
by Nastria September 05, 2008
Bitches call me the Italian Stallion cuz I'm hung like a horse and they ride me all night!
by Nate June 06, 2003
this is where you shove an entire italian sausage (prefereably with ketchup and onions) up your girls ass during intercourse. this results in her screaming in pleasure. you then retract the sausage from her ass and then sell it on the streets
Dude, i gave this chick an italian stallion and when that sausage came out, it looked like a charred piece of wood.
by m0n3y maker October 12, 2006
Sarcastic term for a chauvinistic, hairy, macho, uneducated, tacky, self absorbed Italian guy. The term mocks an Italians false image of themselves as attractive or tough. The I.S. is dressed in tacky clothes, with gold chains and the shirt unbuttoned to show their animal like chest hair. They drive camaros or cheap sport cars typically in red or black in an attempt to attract tacky women. The I.S. incessantly talks about pasta or other italian food. They talk about their culture but not the things they have to be proud of. They speak of stealing or getting over or fighting and are very proud. You can find them working as landscapers or garbage men or masons. Their speech will be littered with broken italian terms or english with moronic italian sounding endings. They also try to feign they have some connection to the mafia or organized crime as if you should respect them for that. Dark skin - black hair slicked back and over done - leather shoes that you have no idea where anyone could possibly find them. Wear primarily black. Goes to the gym to lift weights rather than getting an education. Their large families propagate the idea to themselves that what they do is socially acceptable or favorable given they do not have anyone in sight that is normal.

The most hilarious thing is most of the entries for this term are great examples of what an Italian Stallion would say. Look at the group of morons saying they have large penis's and they are Hot. Great example!
Hey look at the italian stallion with the gold chains and tight shirt - what a loser.
by the dilly August 25, 2008
Two words, Sean Saubers
Sean Saubers is THE original italian stallion from north meck. Fuck u other ho's
by Jon September 10, 2003

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