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Theft. So named for the 1969 Michael Caine movie, remade in 2003 with flavor-of-the-month "Marky" Mark Wahlberg. The word "job" at the end of it gives it obvious sexual connotations, but as the 1969 film is generally regarded to be a classic, the illegal implications are unavoidable.
What up, dawg. You hook up with that shorty last night?

Ah, man. We went back to my place, right? She did me on the couch, then did a little somethin' else back in the bedroom. And then.... she gave me an Italian Job.

She... what? She used marinara sauce or somethin'?

Naw, man... when I woke up, she was gone, and had STOLEN ALL MY SHIT.
by JamesBeam March 03, 2010
A hand job given in the same manner and with the same delicacy that one sips a cup of espresso. Better if accompanied by a pinky-ring, thus an Italian Job.
Yo! Bitch worked my nob like she was hitting an after dinner espresso, must have thought she was giving an Italian Job.
by Dave Morrison February 06, 2008
The act of getting a blow job from a fat chick while she shoves a tube of pepperoni up you ass and you drizzle tomato sauce on you balls.
I got a italian job from you sister lastnight.
by Bennybeerski August 29, 2011
1)A jealously inspired get even scheme perpetrated behind the targets back. 2)Malicious acts Italians are known to do.
Some asshole did an italian job on my car last night, busted the glass and slashed the tires...shit..
by Vinny De Toenaili November 27, 2003
When you see a girl you like driving in her mini cooper and start racing her, only to have her surprise you by beating you and driving straight to your place. The ensuing sex is referred to as an Italian Job.
Remember that hottie from the mall? Yeah, she totally gave me an Italian Job last night. I can still smell the gasoline and humiliation.
by slancio March 07, 2011
A job which, on the face of it, seems to have been done OK, but which may lack the traditional thoroughness or certainty associated with work done in countries like Britain, Germany etc., especially in the 19th century.
"I've fixed the bathroom taps - everything seems to be working fine, but it's an Italian job, so we'd better keep an eye on it."
by Khuy-n-inpw June 08, 2009
gettin a hand job with marinara sauce as lube
the italian job is best done at a fazoli's
by FoxTrotOnUrMom November 01, 2009
having a girl jack a guy off using a warm pizza flavored hot pocket and then the girl eats whats left of the hot pocket
this chick gave me such a good italian job yesterday
by little trevor June 10, 2009

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