when you jerk someone off using e.v.o.o. (extra-virgin olive oil)
Dude, I love dating a chef; this chick made me a kick-ass salad and then gave me the best italian job ever!!
by babymammadramacomma March 12, 2007
When an asshole in a Mini Cooper recklessly weaves between lanes on the highway at high speeds
I barely avoided an Italian Job today on the way to work. That asshole thought he was Mark Wahlberg.
by Mad@Minis April 11, 2010
When Mark Wahlberg diddles your bum in a PT cruiser
Dude, got so fucked up last night at a club with Mark Wahlberg, and my ass hurts; must have gotten an italian job.
by DDAYbuttfucker March 23, 2010
when somebody puts there hand on a greasey pizza and proceeds to give a handjob with the now greased hand.
"this girl just dipped her hand on my pizza and proceeded to give me the best handjob ever. So EPIC!!"

"Dude, you just got an Italian Job. That is EPIC."
by drewhoj May 24, 2009
the act of receiving any type of sexual favor from a person obviously of Italian heritage
I would love an Italian job from Tony.
by K Gas October 19, 2003
This sex move begins with a houdini (also said to be a david copperfield) but instead of running outside to the window, you instead penetrate your friend from behind while he penetrates your girlfriend. This act is a good way to break up with a cheating girlfriend and also a way to fuck your friend for whatever reasons you may have.
My friend owed me money and my bitch was cheating on me so I screwed them both by giving my friend an italian job.
by Baron von Bentova October 03, 2008
when you get the gold or goods from a girl or girls who have to be or look italian
tom says" dude did you hook up with he girls from the other night"

andrew says" yeah man i totally got the italian job
by andrew robertson January 28, 2008
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