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when a female is performing oral sex and just puts the tip in her mouth and ends up just a hand job, thus giving the illusion of a blowjob.
stupid bitch doesnt know how to give head she gave me a copperfield.
by 2loc4u April 30, 2011
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Usually occurs when using an excessive amount of TP after taking a number two. Upon wiping, gravity and wrist action quickly pulls a clean section down over the shit stain thus leaving the wiper with the illusion their ass is now clean.
Fuck dude, I smell ass, did you shart?

No, but I think I pulled a Copperfield in the crapper at Ponderosa
by Doc Hannigan April 24, 2011
2 2
The phenomenon that takes place when one takes a hefty dump but the feces slips straight from one's hole down the plumbing of the toilet so as to be completely hidden when one stands up to inspect their work.
"Dude I just took a massive dump but when I took out my phone to send you a pic it was another copperfield, so I sent you pic of some smegma instead."
by Smegmataster September 18, 2012
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