A hand job given in the same manner and with the same delicacy that one sips a cup of espresso. Better if accompanied by a pinky-ring, thus an Italian Job.
Yo! Bitch worked my nob like she was hitting an after dinner espresso, must have thought she was giving an Italian Job.
by Dave Morrison February 06, 2008
Top Definition
Theft. So named for the 1969 Michael Caine movie, remade in 2003 with flavor-of-the-month "Marky" Mark Wahlberg. The word "job" at the end of it gives it obvious sexual connotations, but as the 1969 film is generally regarded to be a classic, the illegal implications are unavoidable.
What up, dawg. You hook up with that shorty last night?

Ah, man. We went back to my place, right? She did me on the couch, then did a little somethin' else back in the bedroom. And then.... she gave me an Italian Job.

She... what? She used marinara sauce or somethin'?

Naw, man... when I woke up, she was gone, and had STOLEN ALL MY SHIT.
by JamesBeam March 03, 2010
Classic British heist caper from 1968 starring Sir Michael Caine of Rotherhithe and Noel Coward.
You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!
by Mr Bridger February 24, 2004
Getting a blowjob in a Mini Cooper.
Hey bro, I picked up this chick for a first date in my Mini Cooper & I totally scored- she gave me an Italian Job.
by nickroat August 04, 2014
when you dip your cock in marinara sauce and your girl gives you a blow job. (The use of parmesan cheese is optional.)
Last night my girl and I had lasagna for dinner and afterwords she was still hungry so she gave me an Italian Job.
by Gabe & Mickey July 18, 2006
when you dip your cock in marinara sauce and your girl gives you a blow job... while watching The Italian Job
Ayyy yo bitch cum over to my pad and gimme one of dem Italian Jobs right now mophucka......slut
by coco beans October 28, 2012
1)A jealously inspired get even scheme perpetrated behind the targets back. 2)Malicious acts Italians are known to do.
Some asshole did an italian job on my car last night, busted the glass and slashed the tires...shit..
by Vinny De Toenaili November 27, 2003

The act of eating spaggeti out of or off of a woman's vagina while they are on their period. The blood from the period shall act as a delicous red sauce.
I gave my girlfriend an italian job last night since it was the only time of the month we could perform it.
by hammer hoffman October 26, 2011
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