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A phrase which is said after a joke by an individual who hears it.

The element within the joke that makes it funny, one that someone normally figures out for his/herself, is made obvious by being verbally described by the individual.

Saying this phrase leads to mixed results. Some may be annoyed by it and feel that it ruins the joke. Others may find it humorous because the element is somewhat funny in itself.
John: The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Friends: <laughter>
Fred: It's funny because... the mousetrap kills the first one.
Friends: <sighing, shaking heads>
Dave: A guy goes to his doctor for a checkup and the doctor tells him that he needs to stop masturbating.
"Why's that, doctor?" the guy asks."
"Because I've gotta finish this exam."
Friends: <laughter>
Craig: It's funny because... he's masturbating in front of the doctor.
Friends: <chuckles>
by YouAndMeInJapan June 12, 2011
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