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1- A breed of Pongo Pygmaeus (ape) that resides in the outskirts of Bobangui in Central Africa. These are said to be the most unintelligent of the ape species with a brain smaller than a Hershey's kiss. Used to describe dumb, ape-like men.

2- An amulet worn by the Forgotten Realms creatures in the game Dungeons and Dragons used by the creatures as either a personal butt plug or an anal probing device. Used to describe men with weird tendencies.
Person 1: OMG he's biting the curly hairs of his behind! HE THINKS IT'S FOOD!

Person 2: Its okay Jimmy, he's an Issam.

Person 1: Why are you touching that dog in that ever so despicable manner?

Person 2: *drools* I'm an Issam

Person 1: Oh. *runs away. runs fast. does not stop running. ever*
by half shark alligator half man April 24, 2009
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A word describing a morbidly obease person. But going up 2 a step of just unnatural fatness. Derives from the car collector Issam Mallah who ironically was unable to fit in his own car.
"Look at him, the Issam couldnt even fuck a whale"
by Josh Verhoeks May 28, 2005

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