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Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Grabs taxes from all over Pakistan to pay for unused wide roads and other usless infrastructures while rest of the country rots. Seeing Pakistan ranking on Human Developement Index (Alongwith Sub Saharan countries)and seeing Islamabad will confuse most of the people.
Islamabad bloke: We are so cool, we have largest shopping center here.
Karachi dude: thats not even 1% of Tariq Road.
by Kasem Shah August 31, 2004
Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, and by far one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's inhabitants are mostly rich snobby snootbags who speak nothing but english. they think they're above the rest of the country because a) their city is cleaner, b) weather is better. also because hotspot originates from islamabad.
hey dude, Islamabad is the BOMB man.
by yetagain April 17, 2009
It stands for Islam-is-bad. It is located in pakistan, the eipcenter of terrorism. America should nuke it, or maybe India should.
Islamabad doesnt suck as much as the rest of pakistan, but it sucks all the same.
by Gopherzzz September 09, 2006
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