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Someone who is beautiful, sexy, hot, intelligent and talented, in short the Perfect Package!!! This perfect and classy person may come across as snotty and very hard to get to know, but on the contrary they are warm and they make the best friends. A perfect description for someone AWESOME!!!
Natalie Portman is my dream woman as she is so Misbah
A woman who is Misbah make the best girlfriends in the world.
by dietcokeathinneryou February 06, 2010
A weird, yet often talented girl, that is ubsessed with some sort of animal, normally of the stuffed variety. Mis(the referring to a lady), and Bah(the sound a sheep makes).
My girlfriend is a complete Mis Bah, it freaks me out.
by The Knower of Shit January 10, 2011
An abuse that cricket followers of South Asia frequently use. Used to refer to cricket players who are predictably slow and have a habit of throwing away won matches.

Most often associated with the adjective 'Tuk Tuk'.
That player just pulled a Misbah!
by cricketlover123 February 27, 2012
The state or event of doing something of extreme gross definition or inapropriate behavior. To pull a misbah is to ultimately do anything of the illegal or whory sort.
All the scandal in Degrassi is simply a bunch of broads pullin' a misbah!
by Addicted To Coca-Cola and Cheese December 18, 2006
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