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Land of the Pure, where everyone actually does 'love their neighbours'. They've got their issues-such as social injustice and the most fucked up government known to modern times, but at then end of the day, as a nation they are unique! United and Patriotic, Pakistanis everywhere are proud, and the say it loud!
Also, they're good looking as hell. Pakistan Foreva!
by yetagain April 17, 2009
A passive, absolutely pointless war waged by complete losers without a life from either side of the border. THe sad part is their views are now seen as the 'dominant' views since they are more vocal about them. the sensible people obviously have better things to do than sit around abusing strangers under random youtube videos.
It is a direct result of illiteracy, intolerance and general stupidity now rampant on either side of the border.
Abusing each other's countries.
Actually finding the time to write offensive definations for each other's countries.
Indopak Youtube and Urbandictionary Wars prove that the subcontinent is full of the most resentful people alive, sadly.
by yetagain April 17, 2009
Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, and by far one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's inhabitants are mostly rich snobby snootbags who speak nothing but english. they think they're above the rest of the country because a) their city is cleaner, b) weather is better. also because hotspot originates from islamabad.
hey dude, Islamabad is the BOMB man.
by yetagain April 17, 2009

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