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The act of Zinging and Pwning someone viciously.
Humberto: "lets make that new mario and put a high school kid in there instead, and instead of world 1-1 it should be 'high school 1"

Michael: "Oh, you want to create a skin for mario? You are t3h g@ye$+, i just ZWNED YOU!!!"
by skforty September 05, 2006
noun, verb, Keitched, Keitching, keitchist, keitcher.

Someone who claims to be straight, but given the right opportunity would commit a homosexual act and blame it on the circumstance.

Michael: Dude, I heard from Bill that Brett tried to suck you off at that party. Is that true?

Berto: Yeah well, you know Brett, when he gets drunk and high, he's a bit of a keitcher.
by skforty October 04, 2006
Attempting to make another person feel as though what they like, use, or have is obsolete.
Berto: Hey man I just got the new "Killers" CD!

Michael: Hahahah, people still buy CDs?!?!?

Berto: Don't romix me, the album just went platinum, of course people still buy cds!
by skforty October 04, 2006

Diverting the guilt one should feel for doing something wrong in to aggression towards the victim.

Michael: Dude! What are you doing? You just knocked my PSP off the counter!

Berto: Well, it shouldn't have been out like that on the counter faggot!

Michael: Don't xack me, you know it's your fault.
by skforty October 04, 2006
A stinging insult.
Lady Nancy Astor to Winston Chruchill: "Winston, if you were my husband, I'd poison your tea."

Churchill: "Nancy, if I were your husband, I'd drink it."

Eavesdropper: "ohhhh shit, did you hear c-hill just fuckin' irwin dat bitch??"
by skforty September 07, 2006
A holla back girl is someone who will allow virtually anyone to give them chili-dogs, cleveland steamers, and hot carls upon request.
Dude, did you know Michael and Chris gave that girl a double-chili-dog and a hot carl? She really is a holla back girl.
by skforty June 08, 2005
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