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6 definitions by skforty

The act of Zinging and Pwning someone viciously.
Humberto: "lets make that new mario and put a high school kid in there instead, and instead of world 1-1 it should be 'high school 1"

Michael: "Oh, you want to create a skin for mario? You are t3h g@ye$+, i just ZWNED YOU!!!"
by skforty September 05, 2006
12 2
noun, verb, Keitched, Keitching, keitchist, keitcher.

Someone who claims to be straight, but given the right opportunity would commit a homosexual act and blame it on the circumstance.

Michael: Dude, I heard from Bill that Brett tried to suck you off at that party. Is that true?

Berto: Yeah well, you know Brett, when he gets drunk and high, he's a bit of a keitcher.
by skforty October 04, 2006
6 3
Attempting to make another person feel as though what they like, use, or have is obsolete.
Berto: Hey man I just got the new "Killers" CD!

Michael: Hahahah, people still buy CDs?!?!?

Berto: Don't romix me, the album just went platinum, of course people still buy cds!
by skforty October 04, 2006
1 0

Diverting the guilt one should feel for doing something wrong in to aggression towards the victim.

Michael: Dude! What are you doing? You just knocked my PSP off the counter!

Berto: Well, it shouldn't have been out like that on the counter faggot!

Michael: Don't xack me, you know it's your fault.
by skforty October 04, 2006
6 16
A stinging insult.
Lady Nancy Astor to Winston Chruchill: "Winston, if you were my husband, I'd poison your tea."

Churchill: "Nancy, if I were your husband, I'd drink it."

Eavesdropper: "ohhhh shit, did you hear c-hill just fuckin' irwin dat bitch??"
by skforty September 07, 2006
41 59
A holla back girl is someone who will allow virtually anyone to give them chili-dogs, cleveland steamers, and hot carls upon request.
Dude, did you know Michael and Chris gave that girl a double-chili-dog and a hot carl? She really is a holla back girl.
by skforty June 08, 2005
41 70