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Something you say while the lady is trying to give you you're food at the drive through window. You hafta especially stoned off your ass to make it woth it.
Girl at window- He's your snackers sir.
Vehicle occupant- MCGRASS!!!!!!
by Skullfuckerbitches February 12, 2010
Slapping a bitch with a large raw fish, preferably right after reeling it in out of the water.

To give a Mcdoweller; you must stop abruptly during pounding a femalez cheeks, by the side of a river, reel in your fish, you should use a catfish or tuna, and then shove the watery creature in the females vagina and declare loudly FRESH COD.
Alex- So last night i slapped a hoe with a fresh cod right in her poonani
Jon- Yea i slapped your mom with a fresh shaved tuna last night, it was a hardcore Mcdoweller
by Skullfuckerbitches February 12, 2010
A Town in P.A. about 25 minutes from pittsburgh. A town filled with crazy crack heads and whores. Also can be used to describe how many stds you contracted.

Also can be used to describe the amount of worthless pieces of white trash who rob each other back and forth daily.
V. Fuck them, im irwining them tomorrow who's with me?

adj. I contraced an Irwin of disease off holly last night.

V. Im gunna irwin crackhead mike some one give me a tylenol.
by Skullfuckerbitches February 12, 2010
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