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A person who is in love or stalks a Ingrid
Person 1: Where is he?
Person 2: He's looking at Ingrid's Twitter.
Person 1: Fucking ir0n!
by HornyHamster May 04, 2009
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Ir0n is a name for someone who is in love with a "Ingrid" or watches the MyNameIsIngrid Show.
Person 1: Where's Ray?
Person 2: Talking to Ingrid
Person 1: What a little Ir0n
by BluRoy May 04, 2009
Ir0n is a word which came from the small Youtube Vlogger Ir0nIsland. It means awesome or sometimes obessed. Usually reffered to Ray (Ir0nIsland) being madley in love with MyNameIsIngrid.
Ray's sooooo ir0n over Ingrid! He should marry her!
by King Steviet May 04, 2009
ir0n - Noun

ir0n is something that is described as awesome. in England and mostly used over the internet. It started in early 2007 and used by small Youtube vloggers. Commonly misread and thought to be spelt with a capital "o" but really is correctly spelt with a zero. It's also created a few other internet slang such as "ir0ness" and "ir0nizer".
Guy 1: Hey, Did you see Ray's new video?
Guy 2: No not really.

Guy 1: It was so ir0n!
Guy 2: Oh really? I have to see it now!
by I<3Ingrid May 03, 2009

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