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Friday After Class at the University of Iowa

A lot of colleges have "happy hour," but FAC is in a league of its own.

(pronounced F.A.C., not "fack")
"I went to FAC at SpoCo and played flippy cup."

"I FACed at DC's and played quarters."
by DTF at FAC August 30, 2009
(uw madison) friday after class
they've got fac drink specials at Brothers
by m March 21, 2005
abrevaiation for 'funny as cancer'. used for when someones said something that was supposed to be funny but really isnt.
"why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side"
"mate thats fac"
by joejoejoejoejoe June 13, 2007
F.A.C. stands for Friday Afternoon Chiefin'.
to smoke weed on a friday afternoon.
Bob: What do you want to do today?
Seymour: Let's F.A.C. today.
Bob: Hell Yeah
by jheremy g October 25, 2009
Known offence way to swear before your old enough to say fuck
Mom I didn't swear I got mad at my girl n told her to fac her self so fac off
by Level.n.r.e.i.c.all October 17, 2015
An acronym for Flat-ass calm. Used by sailors, fishermen and people who spend time on the water to describe a sea like glass.
"Going surfing today?"
"Nah man, it's F.A.C."


"Good day for fishing, it's F.A.C. out."
by B. Dub March 14, 2012
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