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1. Demon bitch.

Inu = dog
Yasha = female demon

2. An Anime series that is highly overrated as the result of a trend among certain American teenagers, most of which are about 5-10 years older than the Japanese fans.

3. Main character of the series 'Inuyasha'. Stubborn and one-sided sums up his personality. Many sane/intelligent Anime viewers will notice that once a month his hair goes dark and he becomes stroppy and weak, as well as the fact his battle tactics are to hold a large sword(with 'pubic hairs') in front of his crotch and try to shove it down the enemy's throat. Both things are sexually suggestive in some way and confuse what gender he's actually supposed to be. o.0;;
"INUYAASSHHAAAA!!!!" Kagome, nearly every Inuyasha episode she appears in.
"OMGZ I LUVV INUYHASA!!!!!!!1!ONE ITS THE BESTEST TV SHOW EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVEN" Rabid Inuyasha fangirl #23987.
by Somnus June 27, 2005
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