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Intie is a genre of music first formed out of rock rivalry between thePavement and occupation:artiste. Because of the two bands totally different views, intie can sound different but still be considered intie.

It was originally short for "INTelligent indIE" but now, past the genre's 5 year run it bears little in common with indie.

Followers of the "intie scene" wear old fashioned clothes such as tie dye or paisley or wear some witty slogan on thier tshirts. They also tend to hang about in small groups in crappy bars and clubs.
Team Kickass are a crap band, because they are Intie.
by Jamie Cocean July 29, 2004
The intimacy flu. Usually occurs 2 to 3 weeks into a budding dating relationship. Symptoms include unreturned phone calls, "mistakenly" deleted e-mails, and sleeping on far edge of the bed.
by zooa November 03, 2003

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