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The Competitive acting section of Speech and Debate. It's neither speech nor debate, but it doesn't matter because it's a damn good time.
Who the fuck invited Interp to the party?" "I don't know, but he brought cocaine. BOOYAH!
by Fivefjaklsd;jfa November 17, 2010
(this is aimed at people who have latered interp from default)

The size of your penis measured in mm
"damn interper"
by Coldy August 03, 2003
man that Si|en7- guy from laR is heeps map i know he does interp because i saw him play on a locked interp server and he still pwned
by JAY AY WON NUM April 01, 2003
fu dan u interping homosexual imho u never hit his head blood was half a mile off him so fu die cfg hacks
by Chris ownij Cutts February 03, 2003
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