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Head over heels. Used frequently by weird Canadian mother-in-laws.
Damn, Tom got really wasted and fell out of his chair, ass over teakettle.
by K-T in da hizzouse April 21, 2006
to fall in such a way as your bum flips over your head
Man, last New Years Eve you really fell ass over tea kettle down Clint's basement stairs
by TheConcierge April 14, 2005
to fall in such a way that you flip over, ass over head or head over heels
"He displayed an ass over teakettle aggressiveness in seeking dog-fights."
by elegantly_wasted April 21, 2006
In the state of being pissed off
John I'm so ass over tea kettle , my bitch Tina just left me.
by Assoverteakettle July 02, 2013
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