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1. an amalgamate of intense and insane, with a very versatile applicability. "that game last night was pretty intane"

2. positive, favourable, affirmative

3. potent or efficacious, "that benners of bud i got last night was intane!"
"that benners of bud i got last night was intane!"
by Avtex2 February 24, 2009
"It's like 'intense' but like, 'insane' at the same time!

Guy 1: Omg dude this guy just did a backflip while he was on a bicycle to dodge a car which was ramming into him from behind!

Guy 2: Dude! that shit is INTANE!!

Guy 1: Word, Word.
by Howard Moon (Mr. Park) July 18, 2010
ADJECTIVE. in*tane

1. Extreme in degree or strength
2. Involving extreme effort
3. Something that is action packed or high octane

ORIGIN: Combination of "intense" and "insane"
Gee, Dad, that sure was an INTANE game of croquet!
by Scott Larson June 07, 2006