ADJECTIVE. in*tane

1. Extreme in degree or strength
2. Involving extreme effort
3. Something that is action packed or high octane

ORIGIN: Combination of "intense" and "insane"
Gee, Dad, that sure was an INTANE game of croquet!
by Scott Larson June 07, 2006
Top Definition
"It's like 'intense' but like, 'insane' at the same time!

Guy 1: Omg dude this guy just did a backflip while he was on a bicycle to dodge a car which was ramming into him from behind!

Guy 2: Dude! that shit is INTANE!!

Guy 1: Word, Word.
by Howard Moon (Mr. Park) July 18, 2010
1. an amalgamate of intense and insane, with a very versatile applicability. "that game last night was pretty intane"

2. positive, favourable, affirmative

3. potent or efficacious, "that benners of bud i got last night was intane!"
"that benners of bud i got last night was intane!"
by Avtex2 February 24, 2009
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