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1. An attractive, well pampered and dressed gay male that comes furnished with small group of faggles, a flat in the Castro (SF, CA) and one hag closely resembling Margaret Cho.

2. Package containing small child. Add water and get 19
Oh, look over there! He is a instafag.
by Ilovemargaretcho September 17, 2008
9 5
Instagram + Faggot.
Used to call Instagram users.
Dude, you're an InstaFAG!
by cegeb April 12, 2013
17 0
When you know someone's a faggot when you first hear or see them. This includes clothing "wife beater,cargo shorts,gold chains,etc." and slang "yo nigga what's the haps up in this hizzle" easily spotted with a gaydar in their natural habitat of bad coffee shops and the mall
Person1:Dude I met this guy he was a total insta-fag my gaydar went crazy
Person2:really what did he look like
Person1:he was wearing cargo shorts a wife beater and sandels with socks
Person2:total insta-fag
by Ultamoto August 22, 2012
2 0