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Instagram + Faggot.
Used to call Instagram users.
Dude, you're an InstaFAG!
by cegeb April 12, 2013
1. An attractive, well pampered and dressed gay male that comes furnished with small group of faggles, a flat in the Castro (SF, CA) and one hag closely resembling Margaret Cho.

2. Package containing small child. Add water and get 19
Oh, look over there! He is a instafag.
by Ilovemargaretcho September 17, 2008
When you know someone's a faggot when you first hear or see them. This includes clothing "wife beater,cargo shorts,gold chains,etc." and slang "yo nigga what's the haps up in this hizzle" easily spotted with a gaydar in their natural habitat of bad coffee shops and the mall
Person1:Dude I met this guy he was a total insta-fag my gaydar went crazy
Person2:really what did he look like
Person1:he was wearing cargo shorts a wife beater and sandels with socks
Person2:total insta-fag
by Ultamoto August 22, 2012

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