its a mixture of insane and mania made up by Peter (mysterious girl) andre on " im a celebrity get me out of here.
"do do do do do,do do do do do, do do do do do its insania"
by laura t February 06, 2004
Top Definition
Insania is a latin word meaning many things, but mainly it means 'insanity', obviously. This is a word from the ancient language Latin, and was not invented by Peter André as some people here suggest.
Musical example disproving the Peter André theory would be the song "Twilight of the Gods" from 1987 by the German power metal band Helloween, where the word Insania is used in the lyrics.

A medical example would be Insania Paranoides, which means mainly to be paranoid of stalkers, or to have become insane from that paranoia.
by Joey Kawa June 22, 2009

As coined by Peter Andre on 'Im A Celebrity Get Me out of Here'

"It's not a word that's actually in the dictionary, it's a new word that is a mixture of insane and mania."
Peter get a grip of yourself for fucks sake.
by Mista Fista February 05, 2004
A sealed off portion of space dedicated solely to the act of mixing/producing house music with very powerful speakers played at incredibly high volumes.

The walls of the room are padded, often with acoustic foam or carpet padding, to suppress noise within the room, but more importantly to inhibit sound waves from bouncing/echoing/reverberating off walls and back to the DJ's ear.

The name, insanium, was derived from two things; the padded walls mentioned above, which resemble padded rooms found in mental institutions; the insane beats being produced within the space often at unpredictable hours of the night in which any persons within the insanium loose all relative sanity.
After 32 hours of rolling and mixing we produced several tracks and created a mega mix in the insanium .
by Lukey Baby February 15, 2009
A word invented by a rather delusional Peter Andre suggesting he's just craaazeee underneath it all (Which I doubt)
That Peter...he's just Insaaania (No, really)
by Kate March 01, 2004
A mixture of both Insane and Mania maybe for another person. A person suffering from Insania is an Insaniac.
Insaniac= Peter Andre
by Mark Bryans March 11, 2004
Its an Imaginary Place where Crazy Dreamers can go:
The United States of Insania/America! The Beautiful...7 letters fit: Insania in, where the word America is...
I'm dreaming up a new vision, if u need me, i'll be visiting Insania!
by KooKoo-MooKoo June 16, 2011
A cross between the words Insane and Mania. A word created by the great Peter Andre.
"I'm think I'm going Insania"
by Bruja February 05, 2004
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