An anime which uses Computer Graphics along with conventional animation to convey the story about an 18 year old from Akina named Takumi Fujiwara who drives an AE86 Sprinter Trueno.

What is so interesting is his drift technique which is taught to him from his father through the use of water in a cup, which allows him to defeat local street racers in everything from Turbo RX-7's to Lancer Evolutions.
Initial D is the BEST anime to come from Japan.
by Neo May 24, 2003
A very Addictive Arcade Game/Anime.
If Anyone Wants To Battle me on v1.0 And Lives near the Southland Mall(Hayward One) Just IM me on AIM:DarkTemplar357
by Tom June 16, 2003
A kickass racing/drifting anime.. Got my friend obsessed with it.. YOUR TURNING MORON ITS NOT DRIFTING YOUR JUST FUCKING TURNING!!
Takumi 0wns j00
by Tromboner 2004 August 16, 2003
To take a turn / corner with amazing ability similiar to that of Takumi's skills from the Initial D anime.
Damn that nigga just Initial D'ed that turn!
by darkcronox May 13, 2003
A very addictive car game, with two versions in order to take more of your money, but spend money on version 2, because its better!
I lost all my money on Initial D, V.2 trying to beat 28 star Bunta on Irohazaka
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
1.driving the most simplest cars up and down mountains, while taking cars at unbelievable speeds and drifting around corners with no problems.
2.drifting corners without crashing into rails, other cars, or off the mountain
1.You see that biZZle of a Espirit take that corner, fool did it like he was in initial d and ish.
2.Iketani:wats haeppening?Takumi is drifting without any care in the world...he yawnsd im here holdin on for dear life. here comes another corner...AWWWWWW!!*passes out*

-TAKUMI!! koo koo
by SmoKAi January 28, 2004
one hella fun arcade game... bcuz you can buy a card, and save your data on it. EVO III ROXX!
Dude, do you play initial D?


What car do you have?

Integra DC2.

Those are so damn cheap, cheater!

I'm thinking about making an EVO III, cuz of the cool misfire system with fire coming out of the muffler... damn thats cool

Well, my FC could still own your DC2
by A [Renaissance] April 03, 2004
A show with the proportionatly worst animation when you consider
what year it is. The music is also reminiscent of early 80's
European techno.
I watched Initial-D and I had to baptize my eyes and ears afterwards.
by Pickleton September 05, 2003
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