A beautiful cute girl who play's the Ukulele and is the goddess of cuteness. She is normally really tiny and has a kickass tumblr.
Boy: "Did you see that girl?"

Shoshie: "Yay she's an Indra
by Shoshie February 14, 2011
Cute, Funny, Caring Guy.
Omg.. there's Indra!
by Rainbow~ February 05, 2010
One of the most attractive human beings to ever exist. You can chase this elusive creature for eternity, but deep in your heart you know you will never be good enough for her. And whoever she's dateing, she can do better, no matter who she's with. She has blond hair, the perfect figure and light brown eyes that are amazing... But still she wants to jump from the balcony while looking at pictures from Herself . She is around 1m 72 which is perfect for when you hug her, and her head rests right on your sholder You can't help getting excited, when she is happy. And when she gets sad you cant help but become angry/threatening at what ever is causing something so perfect, so much pain. God she has no idea Howmuch i love her !
Boy 1 " Whos that sitting over there ?
Boy 2 " Indra... But dont bother she is to beautifull for any mortal man
by MistahTP July 15, 2014
A girl who would do anything to be popular she ditches her real friends for the more popular people that are sluts she becomes a bitch and the funny thing is not many people like her .All in all a try hard .
Person 1: She doesnt get it shes such an indra

person 2:I know what a try hard !!
by 3mm@ J0n3z December 01, 2011

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